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1. Where is Belite Bio's corporate headquarters?

Belite Bio is headquartered at the address of 12750 High Bluff Drive Suite 475, San Diego, CA 92130 USA

2. Where is the company incorporated?

Belite Bio is incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

3. What is the trading symbol and where is the stock traded?

Belite Bio is listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol BLTE.

4. When does the company's fiscal year end?

Belite Bio's fiscal year ends on December 31.

5. Who is Belite Bio's American Depository Share ("ADS") bank?

Belite Bio’s ADS banks is Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas whose depository is located at 1 Columbus Circle New York, NY 10019 USA.

6. Who is Belite Bio's independent auditor?

Belite Bio’s independent registered public accounting firm is Marcum.

7. How do I contact Investor Relations?

You can contact Investor Relations via

8. How can I get copies of Belite Bio's financial documents?

Belite Bio files Annual Reports (Form 20-F) and furnishes Current Reports (Form 6-K) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These reports are available on the SEC's website at, as well as on the "SEC Filings" page via this website.

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